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    Do you offer discounts?

    We offer discounts for team and retail sales with a minimum of a 12 piece order. To inquire please is the contact form below. Discount increased with volume.

    How do I order a fully custom dye and pocket?

    We take on a select number of extreme custom orders each season that start around $250. Services include consulting, design, custom dye, custom stringing and a YouTube video featuring the head. If interested please use the contact form below.

    Can I send in a head to be custom strung and/or dyed?

    Yes! First place an order for a pocket. Be sure to select “Sending In Head” for the Head option and in the new text box please fill in what head is being strung with this pocket. Second unstring and clean the head(s) if needed. Third include a copy of your order confirmation in the box with your head(s) and ship the box to:

    Throne Lacrosse
    1214 Hancock Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11221

    We will let you know when your head(s) arrive!

    Does the Mesh Stringing Kit have enough string for a triangle top string?

    Yes! The Mesh Stringing Kit includes enough string for 2 top strings, 2 sidewall strings and a throat string.

    Do you stringing traditional pockets?

    Currently traditional pockets are only available as a custom order. But you can use a Throne Leather Stringing Kit and our traditional tutorial to string one yourself!

    Do you offer colored heads?

    We only carry white heads but we can CUSTOM DYE one to you exact specification.

    Do you offer pockets legal for the new 2016 stringing regulations?

    Yes! All of the Type Pockets are legal for both High School and College play. These pockets are specifically designed to perform under the 4 inch shooter rule.


    Still have questions? We would love to help.

    1214 HANCOCK ST
    BROOKLYN, NY 11221

    Phone: (347) 627-5727

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